Harnessing more than twelve years of expertise in the scaled manufacturing of neural stem cells, we are developing proprietary exosomes for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) injury and neurodegenerative disorders.

Exosomes have shown great promise as potential therapeutics and as vehicles to carry drug payloads to the site of injury or disease. They:

  • Are micro-sized biologics produced by stem cells

  • Act as cell-to-cell messengers

  • Contain bio-molecular cargo of RNA, DNA, miRNA and Proteins

  • Bleb or bubble off cells during growth and differentiation and serve as master regulators for cellular signaling

  • Have the potential to target any cell in the body

  • Can cross the blood-brain barrier

  • Can carry cargo such as drugs to cells

  • Have the potential to “home” to a site of injury or disease and initiate repair

The neural stem cell-derived exosomes we harvest from our proprietary manufacturing process have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Cross the blood-brain barrier non-invasively to reach the site of injury

  • Enable multiple intravenous (IV) dosing without adverse response

  • Reduce inflammation and inflammatory signals and provide functional improvement in preclinical studies.