Discovered over 30 years ago, exosomes were originally thought to have no therapeutic potential.

Recently, they have generated immense interest in the scientific world as mediators of intercellular communication, capable of delivering functional proteins, mRNA transcripts and miRNAs to cells throughout the body.

The importance of exosomes in brain communication and neuropathogenesis provides an exciting new approach for multiple novel therapeutic strategies. The neural stem cell-derived exosomes Aruna harvests from our proprietary manufacturing process have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Reduce inflammation and enhance neural function

  • Cross the blood-brain barrier non-invasively to reach site of injury

  • Enable multiple intravenous (IV) dosing without adverse response

  • Improve motor function and behavioral outcomes

  • Greatly reduce neuronal hemorrhaging within 24 hours post injury

Leveraging these insights and the unique profiles of Aruna’s exosomes, we are developing a versatile therapeutic platform for a variety of neurological disorders. To learn more about our studies, visit our publications page.