We have addressed one of the biggest challenges in the exosome field today: manufacturing exosomes at clinical scale.

Progressing therapeutic development relies on the strength, reproducibility and uniformity of the biological manufacturing system. And this is what sets Aruna apart.

 Twelve years ago, we commercialized the first human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) derived neural cell product for research use. Today, we’ve translated this expertise in cell-based manufacturing to develop an unmodified, proprietary neural cell line that enables scale-up technologies for use in exosome product manufacturing. This proprietary offering combined with our exosome separation methods allows us to produce billions of cells and trillions of exosomes per manufacturing lot, while maintaining high-quality standards and product output consistency.

Advantages of our manufacturing system include:

  • Continuous collection of product over time

  • Closed manufacturing process

  • Automation reduces labor, manufacturing footprint

  • Yields product up to five times greater than MSC derived exosomes