Aruna has built a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio encompassing key aspects of exosome-based therapeutics.

Coupled with proprietary manufacturing methods, the company is set to develop transformational therapeutics across a range of neurodegenerative disorders.

We are actively seeking partnerships in the stroke and neurodegenerative disease space, and also seeking partners in drug delivery and gene therapy.

Why Aruna?

  • Novel non-cellular biologic approach

  • Exploiting complex pathophysiologic pathways to address acute and chronic neurologic conditions

  • Proven neural protection and anti-inflammatory activity

  • Poised to advance multiple indications into clinical development

  • Consistent, scalable exosome manufacturing process

  • Strong science platform with continuing leadership by Dr. Steven Stice

  • Treatment greatly reduces hemorrhaging within 24 hours post injury

To discuss a potential partnership with Aruna, please contact Al Medwar at